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At the last minute I decided to try something different. Mayo also has what people you the testimonial headlines for? If not, consider redesigning how your testimonials are presented, how lengthy the reviews are, and how your testimonials are connected to your social networking sites. What is the goal of this page: for people to navigate around, or to generate new customers?

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It invites users to leave without taking any action whatsoever. Was it a display ad they clicked or a Google search ad? Eddie time to learn more details from a variety of conditions they were when composing key for headlines testimonial page? Some of them are presented in very basic ways and others are more creative or unique in terms of design or implementation.

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Awards and press mentions make the page feel trustworthy. Learn 3 Strategies for Landing Pages to Increase Conversions. Go a step further by thinking about key concepts and words your prospect might use to try and find a landscaping professional online and include those on your website too. Does the copy genuinely appeal to the needs, concerns, and issues of your target audience?